Remote Consultation

Currently all efforts go toward reducing social interactions to slow down the spread of COVID-19.  Remote consultations have an important role.

Remote consultations help reduce traffic in the clinic. At the same time, they help patients with chronic illnesses to avoid being in contact with potentially contagious patients.

We have therefore integrated a secure video consultation solution into our general clinic setup. This allows us to remain in contact with you if you are in need of medical consultation, while you are in the safety of your home.

In case you are sick, please get in contact with us on +255 622 820 011. We will then send you a payment request link via PesaPal for our tele-consultation fee. Alternatively you can fill out the form below and our doctor can get in touch with you even quicker.

After the payment is confirmed, you will receive your appointment time via email. You will be able to log in immediately via your smartphone, laptop or PC – download or installation are not necessary. Following the remote consultation you will receive a medical report that details the treatment and follow-up plan.

Have you been to Urban Care before? Then log in to our patient portal and get in contact with us even quicker.