Home Consultation

Currently all efforts go toward reducing social interactions to slow down the spread of COVID-19.  Home consultations play an important role.

Home consultations help reduce traffic and help patients with chronic illnesses to avoid being in contact with potentially contagious patients.

Therefore we would like to encourage you to make use of our current offers: house visits by our doctors at a reduced rate and our remote video consultation. One of our doctors will be available every day for home consultations island-wide at a special reduced rate: TZS90.000 per house visit (for uninsured patients). This offer remains active until 15th June 2020.

Please submit your details in the form below so that we can get in touch with you or give us a call on +255 622 820 011.

Upon confirmation of a home visit we will send you a link for the non-refundable deposit over TZS90.000, payable via PesaPal (Visa, Mastercard, Mobile Money). In close cooperation with you, our doctor will finalize the detailed specifics and time of your home consultation. Afterwards, you will receive a medical report that outlines the treatment and follow-up plan.

Corona Alert

Protection is important to remain healthy – for our patients as well as our staff members. Please help us to be able to continue to take care of you at the level you are used to from Urban Care. We encourage everyone who does not need to be at the clinic (i.e. due to the need of an intervention, ultrasound examination or admission), to make use of this offer.

Remember to stay safe. Avoid public gatherings that are not necessary. Avoid congestion and wash your hands frequently with running water and soap. Sneeze or cough by covering your mouth with a clean tissue or your flexed elbow.

If you suspect a COVID-19 case or you think you are infected, call for free 088 110124 or 0800 110125.

Home consultation service delivered by Urban Care