About us:

Urban Care Clinic is a healthcare facility situated in Nyamanzi within the Fumba Town project. Urban Care delivers personalized and professional healthcare services. We offer medical consultations and assistance paired with medical competence and an empathetic, patient-centered approach.

A few days ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the Corona Virus Disease (COVID 19) as a global pandemic. Since January 2020 there have been various measures taken by many countries to limit the spread of this novel virus. At the moment more than 130,000 people worldwide have been affected.

In this account, the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar and the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania through their health ministries have set preparedness measures to deal with an outbreak in case that happens: setting designated hospitals to treat infected people, spread prevention awareness messages and increased screening at entry points. In addition, private health facilities have been called for a briefing on the 14th March 2020 by the Ministry of Health.

At Urban Care, we have set an isolation room with the necessary equipment and ensured our staff members are well trained in handling suspected cases until the patient – after the oropharyngeal swab test result returned positive from the National Laboratory in Dar es Salaam – is safely transported to the government-appointed quarantine facilities. Remaining in close dialogue with the Ministry of Health and other healthcare facilities on Zanzibar is important to us in order to ensure the best response and care possible for potential patients.

Urban Care wishes to emphasize and advise the general public on the advantages of personal protective measures. Please ensure personal good hygiene, wash your hands thoroughly with running water and soap for at least 20 seconds. We also advise that once you are noticing COVID19 symptoms (fever, continuous cough, sweat, fatigue and/or difficulty in breathing) to self-isolate and call for medical aid. In Zanzibar, a free hotline is available for everyone under following number: 08001100124.

We have our phone number available 24 hours to assist whenever one has doubt. On our social media platforms you will remain updated about current events and receive up-to-date advice. Please reach us on +255622820011.

We will together Prevail, Stay Safe.                                                


Dr. Jenny Bouraima

Medical Director, Urban Care Clinic.