Our Impact


Quality Healthcare made accessible

At Urban Care, we have always put a large focus on the social impact our activities can have. Our mission is to make quality healthcare accessible for everyone. Since we started beginning of 2019, we have been able to continuously offer our “Alkhamis Bure”: consultations and certain laboratory examinations free of charge to Zanzibar citizens. This year, we were able to even extend this activity. We are assigning every month a certain percentage of our turnover towards treatments and examinations, that are provided free of charge. Additionally, with the help of Dr. Winifrida Mmasi’s initiative, our free services could even be extended by adding donations to the funds already made available by us. Therefore, with the assistance of community workers and the shehas from Nyamanzi and Dimani, we are able to provide valued healthcare services and treatment 3 days a week at no cost for the patients from the surrounding communities. In the month of June 2020, we were able to provide free examinations and treatments in the value of nearly TZS7,000,000.

Today, we are able to share with you Anitha’s story, with her and her guardian’s consent. It is an example of what your donations made possible.

Anitha’s Story

Anitha is a 16 year old girl from the village of Dimani. She is an only child to a single mother named Egna. Her mother works around the village collecting firewood for sale and small scale farming.

Anitha was first seen during our biweekly (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) outreach activities in Nyamanzi and Dimani, in cooperation with their sheha. She was tired looking and weak. Her mother gave a brief history of her ailments as she could not speak. Recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, she had already been hospitalized twice with very high blood glucose levels and had been discharged with insulin and poorly explained diet control.

Her vitals on that day were not good, the blood pressure was low, her heart rate was >120 bpm, she had fever and a blood glucose level of over 30mmol/l (normal range for type 1 diabetic patients is 5-9mmol/l postprandial). She was taken to Urban Care Clinic for further examinations that additionally showed additional evidence of dehydration and infection. She was admitted with the diagnosis of diabetic ketoacidosis. Apart from fluids and intravenous antibiotics, she received potassium salts. Throughout the day and night her blood glucose levels were monitored closely every 1.5 hours. We encouraged her to eat and drink water. She was getting better and stronger by the hour, eating well and drinking water, her urine output was good.

The next day we repeated the laboratory tests and we saw some improvements. We continued her infusions and IV antibiotics throughout the day, and discharged her in the evening with a blood glucose level of 8g/dl on home medication. She and her mother received extensive counselling at Urban Care regarding her illness and management of the same. With a glucometer provided by us she is able to track her glucose levels at home. She continued to show improvements as she came for follow ups at our free clinics.

Thank you!

We want to thank you, our patients, who are trusting us with your health. Because of all of you, we are able to keep on giving our services free of charge to the ones in need but with little financial means . Additionally, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to those who keep on donating to our fund. The above and more wouldn’t have been possible without your continued support. Thank you on behalf of Anitha, her mother and our other benefiting patients.