Get to know Dr. Saghir Ahmed


Dr. Saghir Ahmed, born in Pakistan, joined Urban Care in September 2019 as the laboratory manager. He holds a MSc. degree in Medical Laboratory Management and additionally a Msc. in Public Health. We are happy to welcome him as part of our team and introduce him to you!

Career Background

Back in Pakistan, Dr. Saghir Ahmed first worked with PLYC (Pakistan Lions Youth Council), an NGO operating under the Global Fund (to fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria). While at PLYC, Dr. Saghir was working as Master trainer supervising medical and paramedical staff. Additionally, he played a major role in developing referral laboratories for drug resistant tuberculosis diagnostic while working for another NGO called Jaica.

The past 10 years Dr. Saghir Ahmed spent on the African continent. First, he moved to Nigeria and worked as a laboratory consultant for 3 years. He then moved to Uganda, where he could set up 36 peripheral laboratories under the Global Fund. For the past 5 years, Dr. Saghir Ahmed has been living and working in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Currently he is the Vice President of MeLSAT (Medical Laboratory Scientists Association of Tanzania). In this role, he promotes laboratory services, teaches techniques to and supports laboratory technicians.

Joining Urban Care Clinic

As our laboratory manager, Dr. Saghir Ahmed is responsible for its quality control and supervision. He is dedicated to provide medical diagnostic services that are accurate and of high quality, thus advancing our overall medical care. Currently, a great variety of tests are possible, including hematology, routine and special biochemistry, hormone profiles, cardiac markers, cancer markers and tests for various tropical and infectious diseases. In the near future, culture and sensitivity tests are planned as well.

The Future

Our Medical Director Jenny Bouraima is pleased to have Dr. Saghir Ahmed as part of Urban Care. His years of experience and professionalism form another cornerstone while achieving our vision. Urban Care continues to grow. With healthcare professionals like Dr. Saghir Ahmed we can remain focused on the ultimate goal: accessible healthcare of high quality for everyone in Zanzibar.

In the near future, moving into Fumba Town‘s first commercial center (2020), we are developing a comprehensive laboratory facility for Urban Care’s healthcare center. This facility will be operated by well-trained laboratory technicians. We will provide students the opportunity to learn with up-to-date equipment. Thereby, we will contribute to increase the quality of laboratory services all over Zanzibar. By giving them the chance to work in a stimulating work environment, we will motivate them to strive for more.

Dr. Saghir Ahmed
Dr. Jenny Bouraima (L) and Dr. Saghir Ahmed (R)