What is Dressember?

Dressember is a global movement against the human trafficking business in the world. Started in 2009 by Blythe Hill as she challenged herself to wear a dress and it has since grown to a big international movement. Globally it is estimated that more than 40 Million people (according to ILO) are being subjected into human trafficking. Many of these people end up into sexual business, illegal mining, and cruelty of exploitation.

Why it matters to us?

Urban Care Clinic focuses on physical and mental well-being. There are evidences of health impacts due to human trafficking. Many people end up suffering from various psychiatric disorders. Their physical health is being affected as well. For these reasons, we raise awareness on the subject.

How do we do it?

In aiding the dressember campaign, we are planning to raise 350$ to the global campaign. In addition our ultimate goal for the local community is in partnership with Daraja Foundation – an NGO based in Zanzibar. Throughout the month our staff will put on dresses and ties as we create awareness and we are donating 15% of our December consultation fees to Daraja Foundation.

Daraja foundation is a local NGO in Zanzibar, that empowers children and youths. The foundation helps to build skills that are important to recipients. It helps them to stand up for themselves, advocate for their rights and enables them to select respectable job offers.

Henceforth we are calling you to join our force and fight human trafficking.